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Audio Therapy Program: Audio Therapy programs are a vital part of your success.  The proper use of these programsprovides you maximum benefits of your hypnotic therapy and increases the overall success of eliminating yourdisorder(s).

Dr. Kappas (a clinical psychologist) conducted extensive research on the field of hypnosis at U.C.L.A.  Hediscovered that approximately 16% of people needed to by hypnotized once to eliminate perpetuation of specificdisorders such as smoking and overeating.  The remaining 84% of the hypnotizable population have the potential of"dreaming out" or returning to their pre-hypnotized programming within 3 to 7 days, causing them to return tobehaviors that caused their disorders.  Dr. Kappas was able to prove that in order to prevent clients fromreturning to their pre-hypnotized state, they need to receive the same hypnotherapy programming for a period of 21days.  This allows the hypnotic program to be installed into the subconscious mind, and - as a result - causes theelimination of the clients' disorder(s).

One of America‚Äôs leading hypnotherapists Mr. Leslie Reynolds, C.H, has written and prepared a series of reinforcementaudio CD's that are available to you through Health Awareness Clinics. 

These programs are an economical and convenient method to reinforce your hypnotherapy sessions for the recommended 21day period.

Please review the Audio Therapy Instructionsbefore using the audio CD's.

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