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Please remember:  This is a clinical hypnotherapysession.  You will not be asked to do anything that will embarrass you.  Your therapist will protect yourself esteem while providing the best clinical hypnotherapy possible.

Your disorder(s):  During your hypnosis session youmay be treated to aid in the following: weight reduction, stress relief, and tobacco/smoking cessation.  You maybe treated for one, two, or all three disorders.  When you are in the state of hypnosis, your therapist will notmention "weight," "smoking," or "stress."  He will use the word"disorder."  You are to apply the word "disorder" to the particular disorders you want toeliminate.  By using this method, the therapist can treat one or more disorders at the same time.

Program Outline:  Your hypnotherapy session will bedivided into two different segments, with an intermission in between.  Once the first session is completed, andbefore the intermission, your therapist will give you information on our audio therapy programs that are available foryou.

The first 60 minutes:  During this time, you willbecome familiar with your hypnotherapist, and learn important facts about hypnotherapy.  Following theintroduction, and with your permission, you will be hypnotized.  While you are in a state of hypnosis, thetherapist will use safe, advanced and proven hypnotic therapy techniques to relieve you of stress and tension. After treatment, you will be guided out of hypnosis.  You will find the experience to be soothing andenjoyable.  You will awake feeling refreshed.

Intermission:  There will be a 30-minuteintermission.  Please use the restroom and get a drink of water.  You may also review our audio programs atthis time.

The final 30 minutes: Your therapist will brief you onwhat to expect from the next hypnotic induction you will undergo.  Following the overview, and with yourpermission, you will then be hypnotized to a deeper level of hypnosis than the first.  It is at this level thatyour therapist will administer safe, appropriate hypnotherapy techniques designed to eliminate your disorder. After treatment you will be guided gently out of yourhypnotic state.  Once again, you will feel refreshed.

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