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Audio Instructions

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Please print out these instructions and review them before using the Hypnotherapy Audios.

For proper use of audio therapy, please follow instructions!

These audios have two different uses.  Listen to the subliminal hypnotherapy track any time, and as often as you like.  For your safely, never listen to the hypnosis messaging track while operating machinery or a motor vehicle.  These audios are copy locked.  All rights reserved.  They may not be reproduced.  However, they may be shared with family and friends who have a specific disorder which these audios are designed to eliminate.  These audios are another great way to treat a person’s disorder that did not attend this clinic.

Smoking Cessation Program (all tobacco)
Listen to the audio entitled "Stress and Tension Relief" as directed.  An hour or more later listen to the audio entitled "Stop Smoking".  Do this for 21 days in a row.  Thereafter, retire the "Stop Smoking" audio.  You may continue to enjoy listening to the "Stress and Tension Relief" audio any time you desire soothing hypnotic relief from stress.  (3-week program)

Weight Reduction Program
Listen to the audio entitled "Lose Weight Today" as directed.  An hour or more later listen to the audio entitled "Maintaining Your Weight"Do this for 21 days in a row, and then retire both audios.  Next, listen to the audio entitled "Motivate to Exercise".  An hour or more later listen to the audio entitled "Increase Self-Esteem"Do this for 21 days in a row.  (6-week program)

Complete Health Program (10 Audios)
If you need to stop smoking and lose weight, first use the Stop Smoking program and then start the Weight Loss program.  Please feel free to use any of the other bonus audios as needed / when needed. (Best Program!)

Bonus Audios:
Hypnotherapy Pain Relief
Use as directed on track one for pain.
Sleep Hypnotherapy Audio
Use as needed for sleep at bedtime.
Sexual Enhancement Audio
For adults only.  Use as desired by you and your sexual partner at an appropriate time and place.
Freedom From Depression Audio
Use when experiencing the blues or when you’re just having a bad day.

Note:  Remember, these audios have a powerful subliminal track as well.  You may listen to these at any time at home, in your car, even at work.  You will love the wonderful up-beat music.  All are our audios are narrated by Leslie Reynolds, CH.

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