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America's Leader in Weight Loss
& Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Health Awareness Clinics, a non-profit organization, conducts Group Hypnotherapy Sessions to help our clients with weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress relief. 

Our therapists are all experienced, licensed hypnotherapists with proven success in the fields of weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress relief.

Hypnosis has been recognized and recommended by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958.  Hypnosis is also taught at most major Universities and Medical Schools.  Why?  Because it works!  Nothing is safer, easier, or more effective.

At Health Awareness Clinics, we conduct hundreds of Group Hypnotherapy Sessions annually with an incredibly high success rate. Our success rate is higher that any product or pill on the market. And it's drug and chemical FREE.

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Andrew T. Altmann II, C.Ht., National Director - President
Leslie E. Reynolds, CH., National Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Marshal Manlove, CH, East Coast Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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